A frame rate to use instead of the nativeFrameRate value. If set to 0, the nativeFrameRate is used instead.It is an error to set this value if FootageSource


The effective frame rate as displayed and rendered in compositions by After Effects.If removePulldown is PulldownPhase.OFF,then this is the same as the conf


The native frame rate of the footage.Floating-point; read/write.


Creates and returns a new PlaceholderItem object and adds it to the projectï¾’s items array. Same as the File > Import > Placeholder A string con


Creates a new composition. Creates and returns a new CompItem object and adds it to this collection.If the ItemCollection belongs to the project or the root


The frame rate of the AVItem, in frames-per-second. This is the reciprocal of the frameDuration. When set, the reciprocal is automatically set as a new fram


When true, the frame rate of nested compositions is preserved in the current composition. Corresponds to the value of the Preserve frame rate when nested or


Changes the source of this FootageItem to the specified placeholder. Creates a new PlaceholderSource object, sets its values from the parameters, and sets m