Returns true if the named property can be interpolated using the specified keyframe interpolation type.typeAKeyframeInterpolationType enumerated value; one


The expressionfor the named property. Writeable only when canSetExpression for the named property is true. When you specify a value for this attribute, the


Returns true if the specified keyframe has temporal auto-Bezier interpolation.Temporal auto-Bezier interpolation affects this keyframe only if the keyframe


The number of keyframes in the named property. If the value is 0, the property is not being keyframed.Integer; read-only.


Sets the incoming and outgoing tangent vectors for the specified keyframe.If the property value type is neither TwoD _SPATIAL nor ThreeD_SPATIAL, an excepti


Returns the ‘in’ interpolation type for the specified keyframe.keyIndex The index for the keyframe. An integer in the range [1..numKeys], as returned by the


When true, the named property uses its associated expression to generate a value. When false, the keyframe information or static value of the property is us


Returns true if the specified keyframe has temporal continuity.Temporal continuity affects this keyframe only if keyframe interpolation type is KeyframeInte


The position index of the named property. The first property is at index position 1.Integer; read-only.


Turns temporal auto-Bezier interpolation on or off for the specified keyframe. When this is turned on, it affects this keyframe only if keySpatialContinuous