Shape object

The Shape object encapsulates information describing a shape in a shape layer, or the outline shape of a Mask.It is the value of the Mask Path AE properties


Imports the file specified in the specified ImportOptions object, using the specified options. Same as the File > Import File command. Creates and returns a


Sets the parent of this layer to the specified layer, without changing the transform values of the child layer.There may be an apparent jump in the rotation


Pauses the current rendering process, or continues a paused rendering process. This is the same as clicking Pause in the Render Queue panel during a render.


Sets a file as the proxy of this AVItem. Loads the specified file into a new FileSource object, sets this as the value of the proxySource attribute, and set


Executes a system command, as if you had typed it on the operating systemÔĺís command line. Returns whatever the system outputs in response to the command, if


Removes all items from the project except those specified. Same as the File > Reduce Project command.array _ o f _ i te m s An array containing the Item obj


Deletes the specified layer from the composition.None.Nothing.


Starts the rendering process. This is the same as clicking Render in the Render Queue panel. The method does not return until the render process is complete


Removes the proxy from this AVItem, sets the value of proxySource tonull, and sets the value of useProxy to false.None.Nothing.