Loads color swatch data from an Adobe Swatch Exchange ASE file.file The file specification, an ExtendScript File object.The swatch data, in this format:data


The color of the solid, expressed as red, green, and blue values.Array of three floating-point values, [R, G, B], in the range [0.0..1.0]; read/write.

Application object

Provides access to objects and application settings within the After Effects application. The single global object is always available by its name, app.Attr

SolidSource object

The SolidSource object represents a solid-color footage source.οΎ• SolidSource is a subclass of FootageSource. All methods and attributes of FootageSource, in


Creates a SolidSource object with specified values, sets this as the value of the proxySource attribute, and sets useProxy to true. It does not preserve the