The available rendering plug-in modules. Member strings reflect installed modules, as seen in the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings dialog box.Array


When true, has the same effect as setting the Force alphabetical order option in the File > Import > File dialog box.Boolean; read/write.


The size of a paragraph box text layer as a [width, height] array of pixel dimensions.Array of two integers minimum value of 1 ; read/write.


Creates a new project in After Effects, replicating the File > New > New Project menu command.If the current project has been edited, the user is prompted t


The shutter angle setting for the composition. This corresponds to the Shutter Angle setting in the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings dialog box.Inte


The speed value of the keyframe. The units depend on the type of keyframe, and are displayed in the KeyframeVelocity dialog box.Floating-point value; read/w

TextDocument object

The TextDocumentobject stores a value for a TextLayer’s Source Text property. Create it withthe constructor, passing the string to be encapsulated.ExamplesT


Opens a project.file Optional. An ExtendScript File object for the project file to open. If not supplied, the method prompts the user to select a project fi