The outgoing tangent vectors, or direction handles, associated with the vertices of the shape. Specify each vector as an array of two floating-point values,


A string that holds a comment, up to 15,999 bytes in length after any encoding conversion. The comment is for the user’s purpose only; it has no effect on t


Creates a new AVLayer object containing the specified item, and adds it to this collection.The new layer honors the Create Layers at Composition Start Time


Creates a new null layer and adds the AVLayer object to this collection. This is the same as choosing Layer > New > Null object.duration Optional, the lengt


Creates a PlaceholderSource object with specified values, sets this as the value of the proxySource attribute, and sets useProxy to true. It does not preser

Collection object

Like an array, a collection associates a set of objects or values as a logical group and provides access to them by index. However, most collection objects


The number of items contained in the items collection folderItem.items.length .If the folder contains another folder, only the FolderItem for that folder is


Removes all items from the project except those specified. Same as the File > Reduce Project command.array _ o f _ i te m s An array containing the Item obj


Sets values for a set of keyframes at specified of times. Creates a new keyframe for the named property, if one does not currently exist for a specified tim


The number of frames to skip when rendering this item. Use this to do rendering tests that are faster than a full render.A value of 0 skip no frames, and re