True if a text layer is a layer of paragraph bounded text; otherwise false.Boolean; read-only.


When true,the text layer shows a stroke. Accessthe strokeColor attribute for the actual colorand strokeWidth for its thickness. When false, only a fill is s


When true, the textlayer shows a fill. Access the fillColor attribute for the actual color. When false, only a stroke is shown.Boolean; read/write.


Executes a system command, as if you had typed it on the operating systemメs command line. Returns whatever the system outputs in response to the command, if


The name of the user currently logged on to the system.String; read-only.


The version of the current local operating system.String; read-only.


The name of the operating system on which After Effects is running.NOTE: As of Windows 7, this attribute returns a blank value. Use $.os instead.String; rea


The name of the computer on which After Effects is running.String; read-only.

SolidSource object

The SolidSource object represents a solid-color footage source.ユ SolidSource is a subclass of FootageSource. All methods and attributes of FootageSource, in