An array containing each feather pointメs relative angle percentage between the two normals on either side of a curved outer feather boundary at a corner on

Shape object

The Shape object encapsulates information describing a shape in a shape layer, or the outline shape of a Mask.It is the value of the Mask Path AE properties

CompItem object

The CompItem object represents a composition, and allows you to manipulate and get information about it.Access the objects by position index number in a pro

LightLayer object

The LightLayer object represents a light layer within a composition. Create it using the LayerCollection objectメs addLight method; It can beaccessed in anit


The shutter angle setting for the composition. This corresponds to the Shutter Angle setting in the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings dialog box.Inte


Finds and returns a child property of this group, as specified by either its index or name.A name specification can use the same syntax that is available wi